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song I wrote. -I love you more than..

Not sure the proper names for these chords, just pluck them and sing la la la dee da, la la la dee da, in your head… EADBGe 557775 577655 355433 Then for the hang in ther part do XXX132 -E5/9?? … Continue reading

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Why Tim Burton is an asshole or Batman wears blue not black…

When I was a kid this is the batman I remember. “Holy crap batman!” The old show that has the “WAM!” “Crash!” “POW!” comic book battles. Batman the detective, fighting evil. Then Tim Burton came along and did this….. Batman … Continue reading

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“Pg” CB

“Pg Rated Coffee Bean”   “It’s showing crack”

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Hey Char…..

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Arguments with people.

I will sum up every fight and argument I have with most people….. I say Table.. They hear Table.. Im like whoa hold on here dudes I didnt mean it this way, then they go on to see what they want … Continue reading

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Kids. They have been on my mind lately. Nearly everyone around me is having them, trying to have them, or talking about the ones they already have. My sister has two and is due to have her third right around … Continue reading

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We are now

WE are Now! is the shit for all of you guys out there who could use a smaller domain name for free. Im also working on a neat logo if anyone has anything to submit. (^_^)

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The Nomads Life, An Introduction of sorts

On and off for the past 5 years I have been living aboard and restoring old sailboats, for the last year at least Iv had no need for electricity, for the last 4 months I have been cooking my coffee and … Continue reading

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Is this thing on?

I’m sitting here wondering what to post about, and I think maybe a good starting point for a public shared blog might be an introduction of sorts. I have known Mike forever and he thought it would be cool to … Continue reading

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