Is this thing on?

I’m sitting here wondering what to post about, and I think maybe a good starting point for a public shared blog might be an introduction of sorts. I have known Mike forever and he thought it would be cool to start a blog where all our blogging friends could come and write together. I jumped on board because I have been wanting to start a more public blog for a while now and really just didn’t have the motivation for it wondering if anyone on the internets would be interested in reading about anything I have to say, so I thought this would be a good way to jump in because at least my friends would have some interest in reading what write right?

On with it…

My style of writing tends to be kinda stream of consciousness stuff,  I just write what comes to mind with very little pre planning. I do check that what I write makes sense though. Sometimes I stick to a topic, other times I just vent or post an idea or question that’s been on my mind. You’ll see me write about anything that interests me, cooking, food, music, socialogy, various things from Japan, books,  tv, movies, philosophy, and just living.

Kanpi, (Cheers!)

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2 Responses to Is this thing on?

  1. Mike says:

    Just be entertaining… If we go all myspace I might kill myself.

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