Kids. They have been on my mind lately. Nearly everyone around me is having them, trying to have them, or talking about the ones they already have. My sister has two and is due to have her third right around my birthday, same with one of my coworkers. Another one just had one less then a month ago. Then they start asking me when am I gonna have one. They ask me how many do I want. My answers? Never and none. The response is usually shock.

I’ve always felt that way. Maybe I am selfish but I don’t feel like I have that “Mothering Instinct”. The sound of a baby crying makes me cringe. Snot, spit up and diapers are gross.

Where am I going with this? There are times these days now where I can feel my body defying my brain. Its a hard to describe feeling. It’s like my ovaries are telling my brain to reproduce RIGHT NOW. I love how we say we are so developed, we can use tools, make all these cool things, read, write, how we have “higher thinking” and yet here I am with this basic instinct  to reproduce creeping up on me, even when I know it’s not what I want.

What gives?

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