Turn off your safesearch pt3 (?)

So as proof I have actually lost my mind, The insomnia demands I kill time and watching tv is not good for you. Plus Im distracting myself, Im missing/hating my girlfriend right now. Im not really even sure were cool anymore so Im focusing on anything that’s not eating me alive… YAY time to blog. Read at your own peril these will get crzyier the longer Im stuck out here…

I can’t live in a world where everything I type in google with the safesearch off yields porn. So I did an experiment and typed in orange. I got…

Orange Dress

Orange Wednesdays.. They are free and its a fact that 90% of free shows suck.. go at your own peril…

Orange Bike.. Steal it I dare you…

 Orange Tank… stealthy

 Orange..er .. I wanna park it next to the weiner mobile, have a drag race.. heh heh

 Orange Fish

Still bizzar but No people painted orange and having sex, or orange dildos, orange midgets… The google is not tottaly corrupt yet! Sleep tight knowing the internets are in good hands creatures of the daylight.

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