The rudder rusted off this boat so very long ago, and I cant find in me to go outside and fix it in this storm. So Ill drift on and on away from everything Iv ever come to know, and wash up  somewhere along a shore of great unknown. And while I know its not a good way to deal with the pain, Ill sail on an on for lack of better plan, I sure as hell cant find any medicine on this land. Its all I can ever really do to not be a burden on me and you.

Since Iv been in the writing mood. Ill keep sharp, putting words together in a flow.

Cool Cat and Chicky Baby would aprove.. “Wont you be my Chicky Baby?” They were role models for a purrfect relationship.

Thats Pee Wee’s playhouse for all you who forgot this gem from your childhood.. go to Youtube right now and watch an episode…


Meckalecka High, Mecckaecka Ho! The word of the day is REJECTION!

Realtionships are really hard and inbetweeness like this, or not letting me know “I love you and everything is fine.” Gives me the bone crushing case of it. I really just miss my girlfirend alot right now. Not sure where she is in any sense of the word right now.

She’s my sidekick, the person I sleep tangeled up in, Where are you…….

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