Death Eaters Are From Krypton.

Im not a fan of Harry Potter, but lately I end up seeing the movies as they come out.

Its great Potter and friends look like refugees for half the movie. As a dude not really for or against the pottermainia I will tell you what I took from this movie.

Death Eaters are from Krypton.

(would you expect less from me?)

Seriously though there is a scene where this death eater lands on the tracks in front of a moving train, yeah superman syle, they are allways fighting but I have yet to see one get there ass kicked. And when they show up EVERYONE shits themself. They all wear some kinda black on black motif and can fly with super powers. sound like a crew we all know.

The original death eaters, way more bad ass than *that whos name cannot be spoken* Need a comparison?

Also sounds a lot like another crew we all know

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1 Response to Death Eaters Are From Krypton.

  1. Mike says:

    holy shit, its doctor who… I just noticed. the guy on the left..

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