Salvador Dali knew he was a genius and acted so. Whether or not he was is irrelevant though. The world is full of bitter people and critics all waiting to tear us down to there own unhappy level. If a man looks around and concludes hes a genius hes a genius or a madman (perhaps a little bit of both) what does one have to loose remaining so resolute? Nothing. It is better to belive in your self than have your confidence undermined by strangers.

It is madness to remain cavalier in the face of tragedy, Find a hearty laugh in hopeless situations. I remember there was this storm we had to get a second anchor out im shirtless getting hit with frozen rain trying to drop an anchor in a little dinghy trying not to get pushed by the wind and smashed by a boat bucking 10 ft. “I shouted shut up you love this!” to my firend in the little boat and did a little roar. We laughed like madmen, and got the job done. Life is full of such storms perhaps a little madness is the only way through them.

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