Hello Kitty Poptarts, Never go the grocery store high.

So when Im around my firends that smoke herb a lot and have nothing pressing I need to do I end getting high and then forgeting Im high. Ill end up in place doing something and then it will hit me.. whoa Im doing one of those steriotypical high things.

One day I got high and decided I needed to get the grocery shopping thing out of they way. I was living on boat then so its a bit more complicated than your drive to the store and back to the fridge. I have to walk half a mile with all my grocerys can goods and all then load them into my dinghy and into my boat, and its FL and noon… A little bit of a hassel. Anyway Im putting my grocerys away anything Im not eating on its way to the lazeretts when I find im my bag these beautys.

Hello Fucking Kitty pop tarts. I had no idea where they came from. I certainly didnt remeber picking them up or putting them in the cart, or paying for them, they just were. Angels decended from heaven and stuck them in my bag when I wasent looking that had to be the only explanation. These pop tarts must be holy….. of course I ate them on the spot.

When I look back I vagely remebering saying something like Holy SHIT!!! Hello kitty pop tarts DUDE! I probley got them on an impulse and forgot about them while I was trying to balance my meger little budget. Short term memory is a bitch.

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