Nick Jr Sucks #2

Ok so we all need to admit there is a constant battle for control of kids minds. The religious nuts want them conditioned to know god early so latter in life they become christian, All the shows I watched as a kid was run by hippys, see david the gnome, or fraggle rock, or any episode of peewees play house with cool cat it it.


Kids programing is basically brainwashing your kids squishy little brain into the adult later in life that is someones ideal… Look at it in this light okay…


This show has GODLIKE status in my eyes when its comes to being that perfect balance of fun and programing your little monster to not grow up to be a total asshole when they grow up. But one character has me starting to worry about the future generations.

Brobee provides us with the example that its allright to be a whiney little bitch. This is also signified by the fact that he is the only character in the show that has facial expressions, half the show he wanders around with this sad face and this whiney sorta lisp. Hes pathetic.. and tells your kid being a pathetic whiney little pussy is alright…

Do you think the Mongolians would have torn ass across china for century’s and be one of the most feared cultures if they let their kids dress like this? Or the vikings would have sailed across frigid oceans and rocked so hard? Im afraid the role models we are putting forth for our kids will generate even more mommas boy manchildren, emasculated metro sexual pussys, and romantic basement dweller losers. Welcome to the decline of western civilization…. men are a dieing species.

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2 Responses to Nick Jr Sucks #2

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  2. Anonymous says:

    this is a good site but my guy, i think you need to remove the tinfoil hat. this is a bit of a stretch.

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