Madoff is awsome Because the greedy bastards deserved it.

This is Bernard Madoff

He didn’t hold a gun to anyones head and say give me all your money, He didn’t kill anyone cause bodily harm to anyone (and if you kill yourself over money sounds like a personal issue) Seriously guys, everyone is like bad bad man… Think about it he didn’t do anything that doesn’t happen LEGALLY everyday. How many people really loose 30lbs in 30 days eh? Now what he did do is tell a bunch of lazy greedy people, hey I can take your money and turn it into more without you having to do a thing. So they made a investment and that investment failed…. and people that thought they were gonna make money without doing anything now have no money boo hoo… Stick another clip of some poor victim crying on about how they lost everything and its not there fault taking a risk with money they shouldn’t of risked, no its that bad man, that very bad, genius of a con artist that took 50mill dollars from people who thought they could make a bunch of money without working for it… (>_<) Thats what you get you silly stupid greedy lazy people. Why is there this national man hunt/ witch burning, and why do I feel like I’m the only one left in this country with any personal accountability? And why are we locking him up for 150yrs, he stole some money, You fucking Hippocrates …

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