OoMpa LooMpas, too smug to let live, too short to stone to death and not feel like a horrable person.

So heres a thought. OomPaLoompas.. Remember those little green haired orange bastards from Charlie and the chocolate factory? Iv Decided I dont like them.

“if your not greedy you will go far and live in happiness like the oompa doompa doompidy doo!” (This sales pitch sounds familiar)

Whaaa? Midgets are the source of awesome right.. I shall explain..

They are a tight little group of people that all where the same funny uniforms and give unsolicited advice to people, while being self righteous about it. *the oompa loompa’s give me yet another disapproving look* When I stop and think about it they kinda remind me of someone else we all hate.

Have you heard the good news?

Its becoming painfully obvious to me that I was tricked by the weirdness that is choreographed midget dancing that I totally missed the condescension or just didn’t care. If the Jesus freaks showed up at my door step in funny (well, funnier) looking outfits and started choreographed dance singing I wonder if it would have the same effect? Maybe they should start recruiting little people for the task of “saving” us all. I wouldn’t feel bad chucking  bricks at these guys but would feel awful if I took down one of those smug little oompa loompas. Maybe its a primal thing, little people remind us of children or sumthing? These are the things that make me stop and rethink my past decisions.

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