Why everything tast like chicken..

Ok so its old news… Scientists have proven the theory that chickens are in fact the descendent’s of dinosaurs.

They fiddled around with the DNA and sure enough the made baby chicken embryos that grew cute little teeth, and promised (ok sure guys..) that they didn’t let any grow to full term. Maybe thats officially changed, I don’t know.

NOR DO I CARE! Fuck the ethical issues and the fighting from the stem cell peoples and the peoples that don’t believe in evolution for some strange reason……

The real discovery here, is we finally know what dinosaurs taste like.

One argument officially put to rest! Also giving us good scientific theory of exactly why most things also taste like chicken, it was chicken in the distant past. The world is waiting for KFC to get on this and start frying up giant 8 piece buckets of crispy (or spicey if you so choose) T-Rex.

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