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“Have a Crappy Day”-George Carlin

I have come to the conclusion that my upstairs neighbor is a horrible, disgusting human being. What made me come to this? A few things. First of all he gets horrible anti middle east mail. Like ALOT of it. He … Continue reading

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“Oh Rats!”

Recently, only a couple of weeks now actually, I acquired a couple of pet rats. I tell people this and usually the following conversation happens. Yes rats. No not sewer rats. No they don’t bite or carry the black plague. … Continue reading

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Kids. They have been on my mind lately. Nearly everyone around me is having them, trying to have them, or talking about the ones they already have. My sister has two and is due to have her third right around … Continue reading

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Is this thing on?

I’m sitting here wondering what to post about, and I think maybe a good starting point for a public shared blog might be an introduction of sorts. I have known Mike forever and he thought it would be cool to … Continue reading

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