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Horny 16 and why I tolerate the fine arts. (^o_._o^) a post about Cats.

I had no interest, no real knowledge about it, in fact if a character feels the need to burst into song to get a point across Im quickly over it. Even most disney films ride the hell outta that nerve. … Continue reading

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OoMpa LooMpas, too smug to let live, too short to stone to death and not feel like a horrable person.

So heres a thought. OomPaLoompas.. Remember those little green haired orange bastards from Charlie and the chocolate factory? Iv Decided I dont like them. Whaaa? Midgets are the source of awesome right.. I shall explain.. They are a tight little … Continue reading

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Madoff is awsome Because the greedy bastards deserved it.

This is Bernard Madoff He didn’t hold a gun to anyones head and say give me all your money, He didn’t kill anyone cause bodily harm to anyone (and if you kill yourself over money sounds like a personal issue) … Continue reading

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Nick Jr Sucks #2

Ok so we all need to admit there is a constant battle for control of kids minds. The religious nuts want them conditioned to know god early so latter in life they become christian, All the shows I watched as … Continue reading

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When cleaning up your house for pusy…

So everyone works nightshift and I watch my neice at night. Roomate mike texts me “Dude clean the house like spotless, bringing a firend over.” Now maybe its me but that means hey Im bringing a chick over… You never … Continue reading

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Aquabats Supershow Cartoon!!!!

The best band ever! Has a cartoon show!!!!!! Iv been a loyal cadet of the aquabats for years… since way back in highschool and a fan of ska since before it was considered cool (lol) But this is the single … Continue reading

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White Horse Romance

I call it white horse romance. This archtype the knight in shineing armor that shows up with a bunch of roses and a pointy sword to slay the dragon. It allways has me calling bullshit. So I took that horse … Continue reading

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