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Aquabats Supershow Cartoon!!!!

The best band ever! Has a cartoon show!!!!!! Iv been a loyal cadet of the aquabats for years… since way back in highschool and a fan of ska since before it was considered cool (lol) But this is the single … Continue reading

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White Horse Romance

I call it white horse romance. This archtype the knight in shineing armor that shows up with a bunch of roses and a pointy sword to slay the dragon. It allways has me calling bullshit. So I took that horse … Continue reading

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Old Movies

If your ever in the mood for old foreign films try these out. Yojimbo and the sequel, Sanjuro. Think old school samurai western…

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Music: The Cults..

This band is awsome.. I heard them on the tv music station while washing dishes, did some looking up Internet wildfire.. they are working on a full album. This one is for you Nicole

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Remeber that band that was in that scene in the second Kill Bill movie? You know the scene where Uma Thurman Fights off the entire crazy 88. It went something like that… Well the band that was playing at House … Continue reading

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“Pg” CB

“Pg Rated Coffee Bean”   “It’s showing crack”

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Is this thing on?

I’m sitting here wondering what to post about, and I think maybe a good starting point for a public shared blog might be an introduction of sorts. I have known Mike forever and he thought it would be cool to … Continue reading

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