When cleaning up your house for pusy…

So everyone works nightshift and I watch my neice at night. Roomate mike texts me “Dude clean the house like spotless, bringing a firend over.” Now maybe its me but that means hey Im bringing a chick over… You never clean the house spotless for a dude.. well unless you swing that way, I mean you never clean the house spotless for your freaken mom… So Im like ahh a chick, we exchaged a few texts he was being vague as usual…

So mind you its like 2am I spent 2 hours cleaning up nice like not half assing it, because Im there ike that for him…. He could use a girlfirend that doent suck. I took off that morning for something I come back that afternoon to this….

Thats right I washed dishes at 3am for a fucking cat.. If your gonna cat sit how hard is it to just say so? WHy lead on and I dont buy that Im not responable for what I didnt say crap either… If you know beter and dont clarify your still a lieing asshole…. Bastards… I dont clean spotless for pussy that has more than two legs… end of story….

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Ways to cheer yourself up #3 – Hairy Finger Puppets

So every now and then Ill pull a fuzz ball outta my hair.. I get these psudo dreads allright. And Im sitting talking to my sister and there is a pen on the table….. and walllllla! Mr Mushtashio!

Its like That movie “The Shineing” but if the medium was a Italian Guy not a Black Dude! (^_^) REDRUM REDRUM

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Aquabats Supershow Cartoon!!!!

The best band ever! Has a cartoon show!!!!!!

Iv been a loyal cadet of the aquabats for years… since way back in highschool and a fan of ska since before it was considered cool (lol) But this is the single most awsome thing Iv had happen to me in the last 48hrs…

Check it out…

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White Horse Romance

I call it white horse romance. This archtype the knight in shineing armor that shows up with a bunch of roses and a pointy sword to slay the dragon. It allways has me calling bullshit.

So I took that horse after agirl broke my shell into a million scattered peices and blew that fuckers brains all over the stall.

Iv never been the Sir Gallent type, I want someone on the same level. Personaly I find that attitude a disgusting relic from an era when a woman had to play a very diffrent role in socity.

Lately Iv come to realize though there is still an animal that lives in that stall where that trusty steed once stood.


I have a white donkey.. I will pull your cart of woes all the way to the cliffs of the sea, where we can watch them fall into the ocean. I will plow and till barren feilds so life has a chance to grow there again. But I will not carry your fat ass, my short little legs just cant take anymore of the abuse. And while its not the most handsome of beasts, or awe inspireing, like a trusty honda I will start up on the coldest winter and be there to take you where you need to go.

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Samuri X-mas…

So were all sitting around this X-mas eve. these things happen… it started as a hat I folded out of some left over wrapping papper and evolved into the crazy samuri helmet you see now. Belive it or not Im not stoned or drinking…. Guess Iv been watching too many old movies… if i had clear packing tap I would have made a full blown suit of samuri armor. Maybe next time. I like to think of it as anthropology research, this thing makes medevil helemets look stupid, I get 180 degrees of vision and full protection for my melon without it hindering my movment at all. Awsome enginering.

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Old Movies

If your ever in the mood for old foreign films try these out. Yojimbo and the sequel, Sanjuro.

Think old school samurai western…

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Ways to cheer yourself up #2 – Furry Stuff

Look into the hamster.

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