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Ways to cheeryourself up #4 -take things out of context.

These dudes are doctors in the 1965 movie Akahige by Akiria Kurosawa. What did you think was going on pervert? Actually this movie is the shit… an epic 3hrs of some of the most awsome acting screen writing kungfu and cinimatography … Continue reading

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Ways to cheer yourself up #3 – Hairy Finger Puppets

So every now and then Ill pull a fuzz ball outta my hair.. I get these psudo dreads allright. And Im sitting talking to my sister and there is a pen on the table….. and walllllla! Mr Mushtashio! Its like … Continue reading

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Aquabats Supershow Cartoon!!!!

The best band ever! Has a cartoon show!!!!!! Iv been a loyal cadet of the aquabats for years… since way back in highschool and a fan of ska since before it was considered cool (lol) But this is the single … Continue reading

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Old Movies

If your ever in the mood for old foreign films try these out. Yojimbo and the sequel, Sanjuro. Think old school samurai western…

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Ways to cheer yourself up #1 Hula Girls

Tattoo ideas im not opposed too…

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New stuff you havent heard…..

Okay for you today I have Wiliam Shatner spoken word album, And French Synth Pop thats actually really good…. From me that means alot.. http://listen.grooveshark.com/playlist/Has_Been/40453188 http://listen.grooveshark.com/playlist/Stereo_Total/40449075

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Hello Kitty Poptarts, Never go the grocery store high.

So when Im around my firends that smoke herb a lot and have nothing pressing I need to do I end getting high and then forgeting Im high. Ill end up in place doing something and then it will hit … Continue reading

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New/Old Housing solutions. Ways other people live.

So life for me has been a bit of research in sustainable housing. My latest research has me looking to Mongolian goat herders. The “Ger” or Yurt has been around forever. These people actually move out of there summer houses … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Cartoons, China enlists in the war against the Health Nazis. Breakfast is saved for the kids of the nation.

I whine alot about Cookie Crisp. Yeah the awsome cereal that looks like a bowl of cookies. They changed the recipe from when I was a kid so now you have a bowl of lame little flakes masquaradeing as cookies.(They … Continue reading

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Death Eaters Are From Krypton.

Im not a fan of Harry Potter, but lately I end up seeing the movies as they come out. Its great Potter and friends look like refugees for half the movie. As a dude not really for or against the … Continue reading

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