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Nick Jr Sucks #2

Ok so we all need to admit there is a constant battle for control of kids minds. The religious nuts want them conditioned to know god early so latter in life they become christian, All the shows I watched as … Continue reading

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Aquabats Supershow Cartoon!!!!

The best band ever! Has a cartoon show!!!!!! Iv been a loyal cadet of the aquabats for years… since way back in highschool and a fan of ska since before it was considered cool (lol) But this is the single … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Cartoons, China enlists in the war against the Health Nazis. Breakfast is saved for the kids of the nation.

I whine alot about Cookie Crisp. Yeah the awsome cereal that looks like a bowl of cookies. They changed the recipe from when I was a kid so now you have a bowl of lame little flakes masquaradeing as cookies.(They … Continue reading

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