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Ways to cheer yourself up #3 – Hairy Finger Puppets

So every now and then Ill pull a fuzz ball outta my hair.. I get these psudo dreads allright. And Im sitting talking to my sister and there is a pen on the table….. and walllllla! Mr Mushtashio! Its like … Continue reading

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Death Eaters Are From Krypton.

Im not a fan of Harry Potter, but lately I end up seeing the movies as they come out. Its great Potter and friends look like refugees for half the movie. As a dude not really for or against the … Continue reading

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For Melissa.

  So What happens when you leave me in a room with a kitten, a webcam, a bananna, lonley at one in the morning? You wish you sicko.. THIS HAPPENS!!!!! I dint even know I had a web came on … Continue reading

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“Proof” the internets are for porn..

WOW! The internets just got weirder firends. I “Borrow” lots and lots of pictures from google Image search it makes for better reading. I was thinking on car insurance mascots and figured Flo the Progressive chick should get it on with the Gecko … Continue reading

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Little People.

Rightnow (yeah thats one word) turn off your google safe search.. good? Now type in google images “Midget” THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU GET! You Sick Bastards, when you turn off your safe search and type “shoes” you dont get … Continue reading

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