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Aquabats Supershow Cartoon!!!!

The best band ever! Has a cartoon show!!!!!! Iv been a loyal cadet of the aquabats for years… since way back in highschool and a fan of ska since before it was considered cool (lol) But this is the single … Continue reading

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Old Movies

If your ever in the mood for old foreign films try these out. Yojimbo and the sequel, Sanjuro. Think old school samurai western…

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“Proof” the internets are for porn..

WOW! The internets just got weirder firends. I “Borrow” lots and lots of pictures from google Image search it makes for better reading. I was thinking on car insurance mascots and figured Flo the Progressive chick should get it on with the Gecko … Continue reading

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Google earth the game.

ok so someone took google earth and turned it into a game! Freaken awsome. They are even working on making things like wheather affect the game… in a few years these guys will rule the internets. Grab your land before the earth … Continue reading

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Fights I would pay to see.

The Geico Gekko vs. The Allstate Man __________________________ Wonder Woman vs. Hillary Clinton _________________________   A cage match with the Pilsbury Doughboy vs. The Staypuff Marshmellow Man vs. The Michelin Man. _____________________ Mr Rogers vs. anybody Perferably a Midget.

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