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Hello Kitty Poptarts, Never go the grocery store high.

So when Im around my firends that smoke herb a lot and have nothing pressing I need to do I end getting high and then forgeting Im high. Ill end up in place doing something and then it will hit … Continue reading

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Turkey loaf.

Part of hanging around people that are different that you is the food you eat that you usually wouldn’t get on your own.     If you have ever gotten one of those Sara Lee pound cakes that come in … Continue reading

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Actually Mentioning Old kids programing really makes me think. Things sure have changed so much from the shows I remember watching as a kid. The shows my little nieces watch are so dumbed down, and everyone is always so CALM AND UNDERSTANDING. … Continue reading

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Gandhi, Flight Attendants, and the Welsh

Call me paranoid but I dont trust waitresses, flight attendants, and strippers. They smile and will even flirt sometimes. But like super models looking sexy on a photo shoot, you know they are thinking something like “Is that guy eating a … Continue reading

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BEANS the bastard fruit.

~GREAT NORTHERN BEANS~ The bag has printed on its face. This is the problem when your broke and most of your food comes from the food pantry. I know I know dont look a gift horse in the mouth… I must … Continue reading

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