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OoMpa LooMpas, too smug to let live, too short to stone to death and not feel like a horrable person.

So heres a thought. OomPaLoompas.. Remember those little green haired orange bastards from Charlie and the chocolate factory? Iv Decided I dont like them. Whaaa? Midgets are the source of awesome right.. I shall explain.. They are a tight little … Continue reading

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Little People.

Rightnow (yeah thats one word) turn off your google safe search.. good? Now type in google images “Midget” THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU GET! You Sick Bastards, when you turn off your safe search and type “shoes” you dont get … Continue reading

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Fights I would pay to see.

The Geico Gekko vs. The Allstate Man __________________________ Wonder Woman vs. Hillary Clinton _________________________   A cage match with the Pilsbury Doughboy vs. The Staypuff Marshmellow Man vs. The Michelin Man. _____________________ Mr Rogers vs. anybody Perferably a Midget.

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