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When cleaning up your house for pusy…

So everyone works nightshift and I watch my neice at night. Roomate mike texts me “Dude clean the house like spotless, bringing a firend over.” Now maybe its me but that means hey Im bringing a chick over… You never … Continue reading

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White Horse Romance

I call it white horse romance. This archtype the knight in shineing armor that shows up with a bunch of roses and a pointy sword to slay the dragon. It allways has me calling bullshit. So I took that horse … Continue reading

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For Melissa.

  So What happens when you leave me in a room with a kitten, a webcam, a bananna, lonley at one in the morning? You wish you sicko.. THIS HAPPENS!!!!! I dint even know I had a web came on … Continue reading

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Stoned around small animals.

I had one of those stoner moments the other day. Right now im staying at my girlfriends parents house and they have all these animals. Im all alone in my room the house is dead silent. I was watching Trigun (www.animeratio.com <–they rock.) … Continue reading

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