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Nick Jr Sucks #2

Ok so we all need to admit there is a constant battle for control of kids minds. The religious nuts want them conditioned to know god early so latter in life they become christian, All the shows I watched as … Continue reading

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Old People Ruin everything for me, and most younglings ride the crest of this falling culture. In short nothing good is on TV anymore.

Media written for the middle aged… Allright it was coming a long time from me… WHATS WITH THE OLD PEOPLE SHOWS? Nothing is new is just nostalgia reheated and served up to the middle aged midlife crisis guy. I guess the industry … Continue reading

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Actually Mentioning Old kids programing really makes me think. Things sure have changed so much from the shows I remember watching as a kid. The shows my little nieces watch are so dumbed down, and everyone is always so CALM AND UNDERSTANDING. … Continue reading

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